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Tony Merrygold of Consult has been running courses on how to setup and run companies hiring out classic or modern sports cars.  Tony's expertise comes from having run The Open Road - Classic Car Hire for over 10 years.  The Open Road was one of the first companies in the UK to start hiring out classic cars, so his experience comes from the birth of the industry through its early years to the current state where the UK market is now fairly mature.

Over the past two years the course content has grown and developed and the information continues to evolve as the industry grows and matures.

A number of course participants have requested an online Forum to help them keep up to date with the industry, ask and answer questions, share information etc.

This Forum is only available to people that have attended one of the courses.  There is a nominal cost of £25 per annum per user to cover the administration involved in keeping the Forum up to date and answering questions as they arise.

The Forum is based on industry standard software and replying to topics, and adding new topics is quite intuitive.  If you have used any other Forum then you will be familiar with the concepts and structure.

To sign up for the Forum send a PayPal payment of £25  to and you will be issued with a userid and password - normally within one working day.

Once payment has been received you will be issued with a userid and password to logon to the Forum.

As of 1st August 2008 this Forum will be moved to the Classic Car Hire World site and access will be opened up to course attendees and Classic Car Hire World subscribing companies.

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